About Us

The Cream Factory was formed in the autumn of 2020, by Natalie Teming-Amoako, the Founder and CEO.

Natalie suffers with extremely sensitive skin, which scars very easily, particularly on her face where she has combination skin, and found that most creams would sting once applied to her face and most brands of body lotions didn’t sufficiently moisturise her skin, leaving it dry and itchy. (She’s one of those people that can’t leave their skin un-moisturized, it would leave her itching and scratching for the rest of the day).

She began looking for a solution, that was kind to her skin, mild, but moisturising without being greasy. As her parents are from Ghana, she started using pure unrefined shea butter, which is produced and available in abundance in Ghana.

At last!!! She found a natural plant that solved her body cream problem!! However, although natural products are great, she wanted to be able to use different fragrances along with the great skin benefits that shea butter provides, so she began finding ways to fragrance the butter.

Natalie also started using different natural ingredients and experimented to find a great face mask, which helped to clear the hyperpigmentation on her face, from her acne scars.

She started making all of her own skincare products which has now led to her opening The Cream Factory, enabling her to provide plant based skincare products to other people. Understanding people’s skin issues has helped Natalie to seek effective ways to nourish different skin types. We will continue to develop new products and share only the best ones with you.

We're proud to offer high quality products, fortified with natural, skin nourishing ingredients. Our products are handmade with lots of love and careful attention is given to each item. We hope you enjoy our range of skin care products as much as we enjoy bringing it to you.